Galveston Island Seagulls


This is the home of Sans Soucie Studio, a Dallas-based artist's refuge.  The images here come from my rich experiences in art, architecture, animation, photography, and video production.

I explore new ideas, techniques, and happy thoughts!  Many of these lead to illustrated children's books, paintings, photographs, and writings.


You should not limit yourself to one silo because each of us has many gifts. I'm an Architect plus with my business partner, David Brehm, co-founded Blue Logic in 2009.  Blue Logic is involved in delivering e-learning content using animation, motion graphics, video productions, and photography.


Smiles That Shine

Sharing fun stories with vivid illustrations and a touch of wisdom is my passion.

Snow Bunny.jpg

Brushes of Color

Vibrant paints collect on the paper as lively conversations pour from the amazing people around me.


A Carnival of Light

People, places, and palaces parade across my lens captured in brief moments of beauty