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Walter & Charlie's

Great Adventure


Welcome to the Walter The Pumpkin Series! 


From August to September 2019, you will find a new chapter to the upcoming book.

Chapter 1 - Autumn

Chapter 2 - Charlie

Chapter 3 - The Garden

Chapter 4 - The Coop

Chapter 5 - The Dairy

Chapter 6 - The Buggy Shop

Chapter 7 - The Orchard

Chapter 8 - The Forest

Chapter 9 - Home

Walter & Charlie's Great Adventure

Walter takes Charlie on an extraordinary adventure, but he soon discovers that the farm is no ordinary place!


They make their way through the gardens and across the farmyard to visit the chicken coop, dairy, buggy shop, and orchard.  Walter helps Charlie learn about the farm and the importance of helping your friends.  Soon it becomes a life-saving lesson and Charlie finds a home on the farm.

Character Development Sketches