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Jim Jack

The Bunny

The Seasons of Bunny Hill

Winter, spring, summer, and fall

on Bunny Hill, there's fun for all.


Jim Jack lives in the quiet Texas hill country and every season is fun and games for the animals on Bunny Hill. 


But what causes the seasons on Bunny Hill?  This question takes us from their cozy rabbit burrow to the vast reaches of outer space to see how the subtle tilt of the planet can impact their lives on Earth. 


Easter brings all the animals together to spread joy, while Thanksgiving is a special time for friends and family.  Christmas herald’s peace and rest, completing the seasonal cycle each year.

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How to Draw a Bunny

How to Draw a Bunny

Beginnings.  February 2017

It was a cold winter day in Dallas and the lonely oak tree slept upon the hill.  As I drove by, it stretched skyward inviting the chilling winds to dance among its barren branches.  It lingered in my conscience and when I got home was compelled to paint it.  This was the start of a journey to discovering Bunny Hill.

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