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Drawing a line can set you free.

While growing up in Louisiana, we lived in a forest called Sans Soucie.  It is where I learned to love nature and all forms of art.  My mother, being the naturalist in the family, taught us all about the forest, how to grow a garden, and best of all, how to paint. 


My father was an engineer and land developer.  Through him, I learned how to divide a problem into its simpler components and put them back together to create a new solution.   


They both inspired me to become an architect, artist, and author.


Sans Soucie Forest will always carry some of my most cherished memories and I have dedicated my art studio to this fantastic place.


In 2009, I co-founded Blue Logic, LLC with my business partner, David L. Brehm, where we produce many types of animation, video, motion graphics, and marketing content projects.  My problem-solving capabilities come from a vast experience in the development of projects in architecture, 3d visualization, video production, photography, and Internet/systems administration.  An odd combination... but true.

As a producer, I facilitate the creation of capital campaign fundraising, training, marketing, sales, advertising, and technical animations and videos. I was one of the Producers on a short film called “A Noble Way”, nominated for best short by the Florida Media Market and “Balaam Gimble’s Gumption” a short film based on an award-winning novel by Mike Nichols.


As a registered architect, I have worked on many commercial, healthcare, residential, educational, and sports facilities projects.  I have participated in the development of the design, construction documents, specifications, and marketing material for such projects as JCPenney’s Corporate Headquarters, USAA’s Corporate Headquarters, NCNC Plaza Tower, Truman Medical Center, Cotton Bowl Stadium Renovations, Washoe Village Care Center, Grand Prairie Jockey Club, Valley Children’s Hospital, University of North Carolina Hospital, All Saints Episcopal Expansion, Children’s Medical Center, Greyhound Corporate Headquarters, St. Mary’s Hospital, North Carolina Neuropsychiatric Hospital, M.D. Anderson Hospital, Nations Bank, Fujitsu – ICL Interiors, Plaza of the Americas Renovation, McSearch Interiors, 20th Century Dining Facility, and Copy Products. Most recently, I was the Architect on the Great Skin Spa design, and the Secure Logix video production studio (built).


From 1999 to 2009, I was the Director of Visualization and attained the status of Vice President at HKS Inc.  I was a leader in the development of technology and completed many architectural renderings, animations, and video productions that helped visualize new facilities and processes.  Some of my visualization projects included James Madison University Stadium, Dallas Regional Chamber of Commerce, Mother of Emirate Hospital in Abu Dhabi, Ritz-Carlton Residences Mammoth, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, FORO Dallas, Hadassah Hospital Foundation, University Hospital, Frisco Stars Center, Austin Convention Center, Sanoma Hospital, Ritz-Carlton Dallas Residences, Capella Resort, Dallas City Limits, Orlando Regional Airport, Arlington Memorial Hospital, Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas, Frisco Soccer Stadium, Hall of Fame United States Taekwondo Museum, American Airlines Center Renovations, Homestead Hospital, Woodbine Convention Center Hotel, W-Hotel, University of Arkansas, Citi Corp, Palazzo Hotel, Centennial Hills, Myrtle Beach Animation, Stone Briar Community Church, Stonebriar Community Church, U.T. Southwest Medical Center, North Virginia Baseball Stadium, Memorial West Hospital, Parkland Woodlawn Hospital, Clarian Hospital, and Scottish Rite Hospital.


I was a featured speaker at the Texas A&M University Rowlett Lecture Series in 2002 on “The Tides of Technology.”


I joined the HKS Information Systems team in 1997 where I served as a Systems Administrator, database designer, and webmaster.  I worked with a team to design and build the JCPenney facility management database and became HKS’ first webmaster.  I was one of the first architects to beta-test Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology using Sonata, Reflex, Unify, and early versions of Revit.  We used this technology to generate the construction documents, models, and database for the Grand Prairie Jockey Club.


Community service is an important component of making our world a better place.  My focus is to enable others to excel.  This includes participating on the Advisory Board for the Texas A&M University Viz Program since 2008.  I served as the Vice-Chair of the AIA Small Firm Roundtable in 2014-2015 and the President of the Dallas Sunrise Toastmasters in 2018.   In 2015, I worked on the Women In Film’s Dallas Chapter 30th Anniversary Event by assembling the event’s video showcase.   As the past (2008-2009) Director of Education for the ACE Mentoring Program, a program dedicated to assisting High School students in acquiring higher education in the professions of Architecture, Construction, and Engineering, I managed scholarships for disadvantaged students interested in the industry.  I served on the AIA Design Selection Committee for the Booker T. Washington High School Renovation in 2002.  This involved working with the team and the AIA to create the design competition criteria and build the competition’s website.


I am a graduate of Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Environmental Design.

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