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Walter & Charlie's Great Adventure - Chapter 1

Updated: Oct 1, 2019



A cool breeze blows across the farmyard lifting the geese as they head south. It is autumn on the Marti farm and winter hangs in the air. Gunther and Wilmuth Marti have lived on the farm for most of their lives. It wasn’t a place they chose, but a place that chose them. Unlike other farms, a bit of magic flowed through it. Everyone took care of one another and the result was astounding. The harvests were bigger, the produce healthier, and the company closer.

This year Walter could feel that something was different. Wilmuth and Gunther spruced up the house, gave it a new coat of paint, added another bedroom, and filled the cupboards with all kinds of new food.

Walter noticed all of these changes, but until today he couldn’t figure out what they meant. He snuggled near the warm fire away from the outdoor chill. The changes made him worry about the future, so he took comfort in thoughts from the past.

He had grown from a tiny pumpkin seed in the Marti fields. One scary day he was sure all was lost, but farmer Gunther found him huddled under a pile of hay. He had smiled at Walter, wiped the mud off, and whisked him away to live with them in the cozy farmhouse.

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