• Listening Can Help You With The Most Basic of Human Needs

    “The most basic of all human needs is to understand and be understood.  The best way to understand people is to listen to them.” – Ralph G. Nichols, also known as the father of listening. Actively listening may be one of the most difficult skills we need. I was watching a film on Monday night called “The […]

  • A Cool Rainy Day Respite at The Dallas Arboretum

    It is summer in Texas and the heat is squelching any desire to be outside.  However, today the rain fell and created a cool respite from the heat.  And although the heat keeps me inside, the dark rain clouds give me a huge case of cabin fever!  Seeking open spaces and natural surroundings leads me to […]

  • Go Green! Repair a Lamp: Part 2

    Encouraging Green concepts is a passion of mine! Saving energy, using renewable sources and thinking about sustainable concepts.  A sustainable concept is one that promotes environmentally conscience ideas and processes.  It keeps things working for longer periods of time rather than throwing them away.  I know repairing a lamp will not solve our challenges, but it is one […]

  • 5 Hidden Gems of Texas Parks and Preserves

    Gems and Jewels of Texas Parks and Preserves Gems are precious and so are our State Parks and Preserves!  Getting away from our daily routine to enjoy nature can be one of the most treasured vacations.  We have traveled to many parks and would like to introduce you to 5 of our most favorite respites. #1 […]

  • Go Green! Refurbish a Lamp: Part 1

    Refurbish a Table Lamp When I was in high school one of my 1st jobs was working at Patton’s Lamp and Shade in Houston, Texas.  This was a very difficult time in my life in some ways and amazing in others.  One of the brightest lights during this time was working for Carl Patton and […]

  • A Pavilion Concept for a Festive Area

    Oh, the wonders of having shade! Each year Blue Logic Entertainment helps to book a few of the best bands in Dallas for Friday nights at the Village on The Green apartments and shops.  It is a beautiful space with wonderful views of the Galleria and tasty restaurants.  There is a delightful breeze that blows through the […]

  • Compelling Reasons Why You Can Illustrate!

    You can Illustrate! You can draw, you can do it! Many people will tell you not illustrate your own book, but I beg to differ. Believe it or not, you draw every day. Handwriting is a form of drawing. At an early age, we are taught penmanship, symbols, letters, numbers, icons, and basic shapes. Using […]

  • The Pen Wins!

    “There once was a pumpkin named Walter. He began to grow without falter. He broke through the ground, Flinging dirt all around. And soon became a pole vaulter!” This is one verse from my upcoming Children’s book “Walter The Pumpkin.” Many of you may have already written a book, but for those who haven’t you […]

  • Pet Photography

    I’m pretty sure our dog was a model in a former life.  When I start shooting product photos, she wants to get in the shot and pose.  And of course, I am super bias and love to shoot her portrait.  If nothing else shooting your pup can be great practice for Pet Photography. First, setup […]

  • Convert Multiple Documents to PDFs

    Need to convert multiple documents to individual PDFs at one time?  Then here’s the scoop! We may have hundreds of Word (or other) documents that need to be converted, but selecting each one and saving them to PDF format can be very time-consuming.  Many times if you select all of the files in your Windows […]